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Our specialist family mediators are able to offer mediation services from our offices in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Bedford, Hemel Hempstead, London Euston, Northampton, Oxford, St Albans and Watford. 
We have civil mediators and mediators for the one day model of family mediation across the region of Bucks, Beds, Northants, Herts, Oxon, Cambs, London, the Thames Valley, the North East and the North West. 


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Mediation is fast becoming the preferred way 
of resolving most family and civil disputes. 
• If you are divorcing or separating... 
• If you need to avoid litigation... 
• If you need to settle proceedings... 
...then Focus mediators can help. 
Mary Banham Hall of Focus Mediation
"Families arguing over Wills and Powers of Attorney should mediate to avoid losing precious relationships as well as their loved one." 
Mary Banham Hall LLb FMCA 
Managing Director 
Emma Bugg of Focus Mediation ¦ Mediation Services ¦ Milton Keynes
“I am committed to helping you see the big picture – that your family assets are more than money and include future relationships." 
Emma Bugg FMCA 
Caroline Friend of Focus Mediation ¦ Bedford
“Mediation helps you move past quarreling and see you have a shared problem – how to make the money go round, how to deliver the best for your kids – this is within your power” 
Caroline Friend FMCA 
Jean McDougal of Focus Mediation ¦ St Albans
“Mediation works to resolve most civil, commercial and general litigation. It’s never too soon or too late to mediate.” 
Jean McDougall 
Geraldine Earley of Focus Mediation ¦ Oxford
“Children keep telling me they want to be heard. Direct Consultation with them allows their wishes and feelings to be taken into account.” 
Christine Bragg FMCA 
Christine Bragg of Focus Mediation ¦ Family Mediators
“Mediation is better at resolving business and commercial disputes than any other process. It’s fast, affordable and doesn’t take over your life” 
Martin Banham-Hall 
“In a workplace or employment dispute, mediation is definitely the best solution for employer and employee” 
Michael Rowan 


Thank you again for your help in ensuring sensible family arrangements and the mediation that made this possible. Mrs P 
The service received was excellent from initial introduction to the final handshake. Mr F 
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Focus Mediators describe some of the services. Focus Mediation provides. 
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If you have a civil dispute with court proceedings looming in relation to: 
• Your business... 
• Workplace or employment... 
• Any commercial or contractual dispute... 
• Probate or power of attorney trouble... 
• Land, property, leases or building contracts... 
...then Focus mediators can help 


Our specialist civil team of Focus mediators can help. We have mediators from a range of professions, so we can offer a mediator from the right background with the right skill-set for your case. 
We have mediators across the regions of Bucks, Beds, Herts, Oxon, Northants, Cambs, London and the Thames Valley. 
Mediation helps you understand each other’s positions and objectives, needs and feelings and find a way forward. A Focus mediator helps you negotiate, facilitates communication and helps you sort it out. 
Mediated agreements are achieved faster and more cost effectively than trying to settle through the legal process, which is too positional to be conducive to agreement. Ministry of Justice policy is to divert as many court cases as possible from the courts to mediation. Mediation most importantly can avoid destroying lives and businesses. So if you are in a hole, stop digging! Mediation can help you sort it out.  
Call us on 01908 410508 or email us today. 
Mediation can bring an out-break of sanity to most civil and family disputes. All that is needed is a wish from both parties to end their dispute. In mediation the whole focus is on trying to understand, agree and sort it out. In litigation the focus is arguments as to why you are right – which generates arguments as to why you are wrong. End it now – call us on 01908 410508 or contact us to get professional impartial advice. 
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(MD of Focus Mediation) 
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Divorce is a Rollercoaster 
love lose live by Mary Banham-Hall
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Focus Mediators describe some of the services. Focus Mediation provides. 
We recommend you view our large 
video library >>> 
Mediation is ideal for most civil, business, commercial and employment and workplace disputes. You sort things out together fast at shared cost, it saves thousands of pounds 
Avoid or end court proceedings 
Agree your issues without actually going to court 
We help couples sort out divorce, property, money, family businesses, maintenance and pensions 
We mediate arrangements for your children and can see them so they are heard 
Focus Mediators are highly trained FMCA accredited and very experienced with thousands of cases successfully mediated 
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