Mary Banham-Hall, LLB FMCA Mediator Solicitor 

Mary became a mediator long before it was fashionable – when everyone was saying it wouldn’t work and was not going anywhere. She swam against the tide and set up Focus Mediation in 1999. Focus Mediation has grown into a successful specialist mediation business – because of its fantastic team of experienced, specialist mediators, mediating pretty much any dispute over a wide area. 
Mary has devoted most of her professional life to helping people resolve disputes. A practising family lawyer for over thirty years, she realised dispute resolution through the court system and the traditional adversarial process, is the medicine that is killing the patient – and she wants to reform our dysfunctional litigation system. 
In 2016 Mary’s novel ‘Love Lose Live: The Rollercoaster of Divorce was published – a gripping commentary on family break-down in our times. Mary’s fast-paced family drama is interspersed with a forensic analysis of the psychology and emotions driving the characters to do everything wrong – and shows exactly how and why the traditional routes to sorting things out are so disastrous. Readings from Mary’s book were serialised for Family Mediation week (23 – 27 January 2017) and there’s lots of information about the media coverage about Mary’s novel at: and the book can be purchased on Amazon. 
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