Focus Mediation Office Support Team  

When you call Focus, the first person you will speak to is Nicole. Our admin is based in the Milton Keynes office, Nicole speaks to people on the phone every day about family issues - divorce, separation and arrangements for their children - and commercial disputes they need help with. She provides initial information on how family mediation or commercial mediation can help callers. 
Family mediation for separating and divorcing couples, who wish to sort out their finances and child contact issues, is just one busy area of mediation offered by Focus. We also speak to parents and grandparents who want contact with children or grandchildren they don't currently see, or with whom contact is difficult. 
Family members involved in disputes over wills, or the division of family property or family businesses would be referred to a commercial mediator as those issues fall under commercial mediation. 


Many people also contact us looking for mediation to help solve workplace disputes, problems with unpaid bills or rent and a whole range of other issues that civil and commercial mediation can help with. 
We can take a referral from you direct over the telephone (01908 410508) and answer any questions you might have about the mediation process. 
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