Video Library - Focus Mediation 

Watch our short videos to get a bird’s eye view of various common dispute problems and what mediation can achieve and how it works to resolve them. See our highly professional mediators talking with authority, experience and deep understanding about conflict and dispute resolution. if you are facing runaway litigation or fear there is no way of putting something right affordably and quickly, then listen to our videos and think again. 
Focus Mediation - Giving Children a Voice in Mediation 
Focus Mediation - Mediating Business Disputes 
Focus Mediation - Mediating pension sharing 
Focus Mediation - Mediating workplace disputes 
Focus Mediation - New court rules on mediation 
Focus Mediation - How non-family mediation works 
Focus Mediation - Direct consultation with children 
Focus Mediation - One day family mediation 
Focus Mediation - Divorce, Business and Tax mediation 
Focus Mediation - Divorce Grief and mediation 
Focus Mediation - Family Dispute Resolution 
Focus Mediation - What is Family Mediation 
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