Business Disputes 

Disputes can paralyse a department or even the whole company, diverting decision-makers from the key tasks of doing deals, creating wealth. The cost in money and reputation can be incalculable. A Focus Mediator can help restore equilibrium swiftly, confidentially and with the minimum of expense and disruption. The key aim is to end the hemorrhaging of time and money as quickly and productively as possible. 
Focus Gets Results 
Mediation usually only takes a single day, and can be set up at short notice. Where relationships have broken down and negotiations failed, a neutral mediator operating in a private, “without prejudice” environment aims to broker a deal that all parties agree is better for them than the fight. Focus mediators achieve that in over 90% of civil cases, with parties signing binding settlement terms there and then. The process even brings many of the rest close enough that they settle soon after. 
Business Disputes and Litigation 
Disputes often grow in complexity as the lawyers jockey for position and extra parties (such as insurers) may become involved. The legal costs can be the biggest issue! Mediators start where you are. Only a mediator can discuss each party’s hopes, fears and objectives with them in confidence. It’s one of the main reasons mediation gets results. 
Problems, Problems 
Traditional methods of resolving disputes often drive parties further apart long before any resolution is possible. If you’ve been through the stage of snarling at each other, and that didn’t bring the opposition to heel, where should you go next? ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) including mediation is now expected. Failure to mediate can have adverse costs consequences, even for parties who go on to win their case. Proposing mediation, far from being a sign of weakness, can put your opponent on the back foot. 
Usually Your Mediation can be Held Within One Week of you Contacting Us 


How does a Business Mediation Work? 
We will help you choose the right mediator from our panel and a day is set aside for the mediation. A fixed fee is paid up front, usually by the parties equally. Pre-session process is kept to a minimum – usually just a short position statement from each party, to ensure the mediator understands the background. The mediation day usually starts with an opportunity to explain your case in a group session, all together. Most of the day is spent in separate rooms with the mediator shuttling between you. You say what you want relayed, and what is to be held confidentially by the mediator. This process helps the mediator see areas where agreement may become possible. The objective is a binding settlement, signed on the day. 
Businesses thrive when people are pulling in the same direction and focussing on promoting the business, looking after clients and the core tasks essential to success. Disputes, especially those involving litigation, divert resources from business building. Competitors get ahead whilst you are distracted and burdened with the dead weight of legal conflict. It makes sense to cut your losses and stop it as soon as you can. That is where mediation comes in, with a simple, fast way back to productivity. 
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