Probate, Wills and Powers of Attorney Mediation 

Disputes in bereaved families are tragically common. People destabilised by grief often argue with one another. Old tensions erupt into new rows and this often ends in solicitors' letters and the courts. It is often about everything but legal principles; it is about peoples, grief, beliefs and fears. A Focus mediator can calm things down, and help everyone come to terms with the situation and reach agreement. 
Conflict Drivers 
The Law deals with the application of legal principles to the facts, as decided by judges after the presentation of evidence. It starts where you are and drives you further apart with a process of positional bargaining and ritualised argument via lawyers and the courts. It makes matters worse. The causes of the conflict are usually people‚Äôs feelings and beliefs - the emotional and psychological dispute drivers that have caused the row in the first place. Only mediation brings the right tools to bear on these problems. Mediation starts where you are and works to bring about a resolution fast. 
A Focus mediator can mediate family litigation or disputes. It might be about the terms of a Will, or who is to control the property and affairs of an elderly relative who has lost capacity to mange their own affairs. It can be about anything, between anyone, friends and relatives, children or grandchildren. Your mediator will work to understand the real root causes of the problems and to help resolve them by agreement. All too often people have spent as much or more than they are arguing over going to Law without resolving anything or making anyone feel better. 
What good can come from family members litigating? Sooner or later most cases settle, few go to trial. The allure of winning is an expensive illusion, a gamble. Even if you "win", the costs are usually such that it is a hollow victory. 


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