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Why choose Focus Mediation in London? 
If you are looking for help with separation or divorce, and you live/ work in or around London Euston, you have come to the right place. 
Focus Mediators are highly trained FMCA accredited and very experienced with thousands of cases successfully mediated. Let us help you to resolve disputes. 
Mediation is the new way to approach divorce and separation. Instead of fighting over your children, you can discuss how best to share your parenting so the kids don’t lose out. Instead of worrying about how you are going to manage financially, you can take a critical look at your budgets and sort out a plan that makes it possible for you both to go forward. 
You may need your solicitor’s advice on your proposals, and he or she will need to draft your Consent Order. But your Focus mediator will help you negotiate the settlement that best suits you both, thereby speeding up the process and dramatically cutting your costs. Focus works fast and effectively to help you sort everything out. Our mediators work full time on family mediation: they are family mediation specialists who have mediated for hundreds of couples – and it shows. 
Focus Mediators in London 
Nicola Lewis FMCA qualified as a solicitor in 1994. She became an accredited commercial mediator and a qualified community mediator in 2011. She then trained and qualified as a Family Mediator in 2012 and is a Member of the Civil Mediation Council and the Family Mediators Association. Nicola is also qualified to carry out direct consultation meetings with children where there is a need for their voices to be heard. 
Nicola now works as a family and civil mediator for Focus and works mainly in the London & Watford areas. 
Nicola is committed to helping couples to communicate during difficult times. As well as using her legal background and experience, Nicola has also trained in mediation based on non-violent communication: she can assist couples in working out how they will communicate going forwards as parents in a way that is positive and beneficial for their children (and often for themselves too) as well as sorting out practicalities such as the financial issues. 
Nicola's mediation skills are enhanced by her work as a communications specialist for the criminal justice system. As a Registered Intermediary Nicola supports vulnerable witness communication with the police and at trial. She also volunteers as a Samaritan listener. In her free time Nicola enjoys yoga, music and spending time with family and friends. 
Nicola Lewis FMCA 


Joanna Chawla FMCA is a practising family and commercial mediator. Formerly a litigation lawyer she is committed to the constructive resolution of family and commercial disputes. 
A qualified solicitor and barrister and former partner in a West End firm she is based in London and also mediates in Watford. A member of the Family Mediation Association and accredited by the Law Society in family mediation, Joanna is also authorised to consult directly with children. Her dual mediation accreditations enable her to conduct One Day Family mediation for separating couples. 
With a wealth of experience in family mediation Joanna works with parents and children in a non-adversarial, collaborative way to help them find solutions that are affordable for them and their family, solutions that are fair and that will work. 
Separating is one of the most stressful experiences anyone ever has to face. Mediation offers couples a space in which to focus on the issues they face and explore their options, as they separate out their former lives together, until they feel able to make decisions they can be confident will work for them and their family, because they have made them together. 
Joanna Chawla FMCA 
Focus is unique in London 
We always use lawyer mediators on financial cases so you can be sure your time and money is well spent. We help you avoid a contested court case and guide you towards a settlement which is highly likely to be approved by your solicitor and by the judge. 
We work effectively on your finances, sending you away from your initial meeting (your ‘MIAM’) with the Form E to fill in and helpful instructions on what you need to collect, so that you come to your first joint session all ready to start work. This saves you time and money. We aim to get you done in 3 or 4 sessions! 
We use specially trained mediators on children cases. All our mediators are experienced in family dynamics: if you need to sort out a suitable timetable for the children to share their time between your two households, we can help with this. We have seen so many cases, and have so much experience: you can draw on this and make the best possible plan for your family. 
We are also qualified to consult with your children if you think it would help to hear what they think. This is a specialist area, which needs both parents consent, but if you and your partner have different impressions of what the children want, it can be revealing and helpful to ask the mediator to talk to them, in confidence, and then feed back to you. At Focus we have lawyer- mediators who are communication specialists trained to work with children and who are uniquely placed to handle these meetings with skill and sensitivity. The feedback we have received from the children who have met with us has been unanimous: they have valued (and even enjoyed) the time spent talking with the mediator. 
We offer concessionary rates to those on a low income. Your costs are known from the start and you ‘pay as you go’, so it is easy to budget and there are no surprises. Whilst our costs will be reduced, you will receive the same gold-standard mediation service across the range of mediation services you require. 
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