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Why choose Focus Mediation in Oxford? 
Focus Mediators are highly trained FMCA accredited and very experienced with thousands of cases successfully mediated. Let us help you to resolve disputes. 
You will be talking to a professional mediator who has helped hundreds of couples through the minefield of divorce and separation. Our mediators work full time on family mediation: they are family mediation specialists – and it shows. 
Just telling the mediator your story will make you feel better. We start every mediation with private, individual meetings, to get to know you both, and to explain the process. It’s your chance for each of you to outline your main concerns; your hopes for the kids, your bottom line on the finances. 
We then set up the first joint session with you and your ex-partner. Your mediator will be looking at your separation as a shared problem. 
Children - You both need to continue as parents: how can you achieve this? Your mediator will help you discuss how best to share your parenting so the kids don’t lose out. She’ll also help you tackle the thorny issue of how to communicate with each other, even though you don’t get on any more: as mum and dad, this is vital. If you would like your child to be consulted, let her know: she is qualified and experienced in talking to children. 
Money - Financial worries? You both need somewhere to live and enough money coming in. She will help you take a critical look at your housing and your budgets and sort out a plan that makes it possible for you both to go forward. 
Maybe you’ve got savings: do they go into the pot? Are your pensions going to be affected? Who’s going to pay off the debts? What about inheritances? She’ll cover all those, and more, and at the end of the process, she can write up your proposals so that your solicitor can turn them into a Consent Order. 
Instead of worrying, you are working together to sort out the issues. Focus works fast and effectively to help you sort everything out. 
MIAMs - Finally, if you are intent on starting court proceedings, Focus will fit you in for a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) at reasonably short notice, and issue the necessary form there and then. 
Focus Mediators in Oxford 
Caroline Friend FMCA has been with Focus for over ten years, and is one of their most experienced mediators. She has a strong grounding in the law (ex-solicitor), and offers the expertise of two professionals for the price of one. She has untangled many a seemingly impossible situation with her calm, practical, non-judgemental approach. 
She handles financial mediations where there are significant assets (properties, businesses, pensions) but is equally at home with couples who have very little: seemingly impossible situations often find a resolution in her hands. She is very aware that children benefit enormously from a settlement which is reached amicably: she will help you achieve this. 
Caroline Friend FMCA Focus Mediation Oxford
Caroline Friend FMCA 


Focus is unique in Oxford 
Friendly, modern office in Summertown, on South Parade; cheap public car park five minute’s walk. Open Monday - Friday, 9am – 5.30pm. And once you’ve started, you have full email and mobile phone contact with your mediator. 
We always use lawyer mediators on financial cases so you can be sure your time and money is well spent. We help you avoid a contested court case and guide you towards a settlement which is highly likely to be approved by your solicitor and by the judge. 
We work effectively on your finances, sending you away from your initial meeting (your MIAM) with the Form E to fill in and helpful instructions on what you need to collect, so that you come to your first joint session all ready to start work. This saves you time and money. We aim to get you done in 3 or 4 sessions! 
We use specially trained mediators on children cases, and can offer Child Inclusive Mediation for children age 8 and over. This is a specialist area, which needs both parents’ consent, but if you and your partner have different impressions of what the children want, it can be revealing and helpful to ask the mediator to talk to them, in confidence, and then feed back to you. 
We are clear on costs. Go to the section on costs to see how much you would pay for your mediation. Your costs are known from the start and you ‘pay as you go’, so it is easy to budget and there are no surprises. 

A recent testimonial for Focus Mediation Oxford 

"Professional, organised, reliable, sensitive. 
Focus mediation and in particular, Caroline, were excellent at facilitating discussions between myself and my ex husband. We had a meeting each to establish our issues / matters we wished to discuss, and then had joint meetings. The joint meetings were more difficult, but Caroline ensured that both of us had a chance to make our points, and she had excellent knowledge of the financial arrangements regarding divorce. 
If mediation is a process you are considering for settling divorce matters, then I would strongly recommend this firm."  
Sara M 
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