1-Day Family Mediation 

1 Day Family Mediation | The 1 Day Mediation Team 
Our 1 Day team of mediators are dual trained Family and Commercial/Civil Mediators. They can offer the Civil model of mediation to you if you are divorcing or splitting up. Everything can be settled in a day. 
Mary Banham-Hall 
Jo Chawla Focus Mediation
Jo Chawla 
Nicola Lewis Focus Mediation
Nicola Lewis 
How does it work? 
1 Day family mediation takes place over one day instead of over a series of sessions. It differs in several key respects from normal family mediation and it is not generally available at most family mediation services, indeed you may not have heard of it before. Focus Mediation Ltd has used its dual trained mediators to develop this model of mediation, as it will suit some clients better. 
In 1 Day family mediation you are in separate rooms and the mediator is able to hold confidences between you. Uniquely, 1 Day Family Mediation can result in a binding agreement on the day, so long as your lawyers are there to advise you and make your settlement binding. This is how commercial and civil disputes have been resolved for decades, if you want your solicitor with you or if you want your settlement done in a day, this model of mediation is ideal. 
You can both still elect the 1 Day model of mediation, even without solicitors being there. Then your agreement will not be made binding that day, but will result in a non-binding document called a 'Memorandum of Understanding'. Your lawyers can make this binding for you after the mediation. 
Cost of 1 Day Family Mediation 
In a normal 1 Day mediation lasting of up to eight hours, you will pay £995 + VAT each plus any extra hours at £125 + VAT per hour. 
Cancellation Policy for 1 Day 
You will pay for your 1 Day mediation up front a week before the appointed day. This corresponds with standard charging procedures for commercial mediation. 
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