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Mediation is fast becoming the preferred way of resolving most family and civil disputes. This is because it is often cheaper and faster than going down the legal route alone; court proceedings may take a few years while a mediated settlement will take a few months at the very most. 
At Focus Mediation we offer two fast-track family mediation services to help you settle your differences swiftly and start a new life: 
One Day Mediation’ model: in order to solve our clients’ differences in one day, we apply the ‘civil model of mediation’ to family cases. 
The objective of this intensive one-day mediation is a binding agreement on finances saving clients much precious time and money; it could take months (even years!) and several Court hearings to obtain the same agreement following the legal route only. 
one day mediation + arbitration (if needed) = fast settlement guaranteed: 
Focus Mediation is one of the only practices in the UK to offer MEDARB, an innovative solution which straddles the boundaries between mediation and the law. 
This model follows the ‘One Day’ process combined with an agreement to arbitrate on any issues outstanding at the end of mediation. 
If all is approved on mediation, the agreement to arbitrate becomes redundant. But if not everything is settled, the parts which have been agreed successfully remain while the briefed arbitrator makes a decision about the outstanding issues. Of course, the final outcome is legally binding. 
MEDARB saves clients up to two years of Court litigation and the corresponding costs. Moreover, it allows them to choose a family arbitrator (all arbitrators are experienced legal professionals). This way they avoid the risk of getting a non-family judge, unable to grasp the intricacies of family law, in a Court hearing. 
If you want to know more about the One Day Mediation or MEDARB, please call 02031372670 email info@focus-mediation.co.uk or complete our short form. 

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