How Does Workplace Mediation Work? 

How Does Workplace Mediation Work? 
You tell us what the situation is and what your business would like to achieve. This enables us to decide what approach to take and tell you what the appropriate service will cost. As cases vary, we will quote for each case. When you say you want us to go ahead, we will contact the parties involved and set up the mediation. After mediation, a summary of the mediation agreement will be given to you, so that you are aware of the outcome. Confidentiality may prevent full disclosure of all details. 
Our costs are paid up front before the mediation starts. If the mediation takes longer than anticipated, we will discuss this with you and agree any increase in fees with you before undertaking the further work. 
The mediation will normally be completed within 2 weeks of your first contact with us. 
It is rare for cases to escalate to an employment tribunal, litigation or ACAS where there has been mediation. 
A member of our mediation team will be happy to talk to you about the work we do in the workplace and the different approaches we use. 


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