Your Problems & Hidden Costs 

The cost of work place disputes to your business, of staff being absent from work or working below their potential is considerable. Absence through sickness and time lost because of poor teamwork and dysfunctional work relationships cost businesses dearly. Where staff invoke grievance procedures because they feel they are being unfairly treated, even more time will be taken up trying to get people back to good, fully functional working relationships. Your HR staff will probably be perceived as being 'on your side'. If they have to act robustly it would do a great deal of damage to management/staff relations generally, with an adverse knock on effect for future management. 
You are likely to lose staff time through absences, less than optimum performance and if legal proceedings are involved, there is the cost of managerial time, staff time and legal fees. Positions will become polarized and incalculable damage can be done to relationships on the fringe of the original problem. No wonder business managers hesitate before taking action to sort out workplace problems. On the other hand, if action is not taken, hard working and reliable staff become demotivated, because they are having to work harder to make up for lazy or ineffective colleagues. This area is a minefield. 
Focus-Mediation offers a highly efficient and cost effective way of resolving these issues. Mediation is quick, constructive, and improves communication between people. Instead of damaging relationships, it improves understanding and facilitates solutions. 
Solicitors work by trying to get their clients the best possible outcome. This results in positional bargaining and extreme polarization. The costs and risks of losing are high and there is often no common ground between the two extremes, even though people may desperately want to settle. 
Mediators focus on parties' shared interests in resolving their dispute in an acceptable way, quickly & affordably. There is usually an area of overlap between people's expectations - that is where settlement is possible. 
Focus-Mediation has a team of very experienced highly practical mediators. All our team are accredited members of a professional body such as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), or CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). They have experience in helping businesses and employees to resolve workplace situations. 
Workplace conflict is doubly costly. There is the cost of the legal and HR process. There is the chaos and cost to your business of key people not working and of paralysis instead of production. Stop the madness as soon as you can... 


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